MAPS Training and Support Credits


Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc. (MAPS) Training and Support Credits (MTSC).

One block of MTSCs are good for 6 student-days of standard or custom training through Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc.  (This excludes custom training that requires new content development, which would need to be negotiated).  A student-day is defined as one student for one day.  Different engineers can use MTSCs, but each engineer in class for a day counts as one student-day.

Alternative, one block of MTSCs are good for 24 one-on-one tutorial hours, or office hours, with an engineer from Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc.

Or 24 technical support hours from an engineer from Morgan Advanced Programmable Inc.

Automotive travel by Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc. employees is billed at 2 MTSCs per hour of travel.  Support and office hours can be held at our site in Orono, MN or at your site, via webex, phone, or email.  Distant travel for support or office hours is billed at cost, and requires written agreement.

Unused MTSCs expire after 18 months.

The return period on the MTSCs is 3 days.  After 3-days, there are no refunds on any unused MTSCs.   However, the MTSCs can be used for training subject to our standard cancellation policy, which can be found here.

All technical support work, including example designs, is for educational and training purposes only.  Any other reuse of this educational and training work product is at the discretion of your employer, and subject to your employer's verification for correctness and suitability for your application, both technical and legal (e.g., patents, copyright).  Any code developed during tutorials or support by Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc. is educational in nature, and will not have any additional copyright restrictions placed on it other than what is already there by third parties (e.g., Xilinx).  In other words, technical support and office hours/tutorial work products are not design services.  Design services may be purchased separately under contract.

You can learn more about MTSCs by visiting our FAQ.

We at Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc. take pride in our work, and will work very hard to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of our instruction or technical support.  However, some technical problems do not have solutions.  In such cases, we will work to quickly identify such situations to conserve our customers' MTSCs.