Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools


This course provides embedded systems developers experience with creating an embedded Linux system targeting Xilinx SoCs using the PetaLinux tools.

The course provides experience with:

  • Using open-source embedded Linux components
  • Using the PetaLinux tool design flow
  • Creating and debugging an application
  • Building the environment and booting the system using the Arm® processors available in Xilinx SoCs
  • Customizing the root file system
  • Configuring the Linux environment and network components
  • Developing custom hardware and custom drivers

The primary focus is on embedded Linux development in conjunction with the Xilinx tool flow.

What's New for 2020.1

  • Added new topics such as:

▪      Driving the PetaLinux Tool

▪      PetaLinux Tool Design Flow

▪      Customizing the Project

▪      Upgrading the Workspace

▪      PetaLinux: Advanced Configurations

  • All labs have been updated to the latest software versions

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