Designing FPGAs Using the Vivado Design Suite 2

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Learn how to build a more effective FPGA design:

The focus is on:

  • Using synchronous design techniques
  • Utilizing the Vivado® IP integrator to create a sub-system
  • Employing proper HDL coding techniques to improve design performance
  • Debugging a design with multiple clock domains

This course builds on the concepts from the Designing FPGAs Using the Vivado Design Suite 1 course.

What's New for 2022.1

  • Added information on block design referencing
  • Added new modules:
    • Block Design Containers in the Vivado IP Integrator
    • Versal ACAP: Hardware Platform Development Using the Vivado IP Integrator
  • Added content on power awareness
  • All labs have been updated to the latest software versions

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